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New season starts on Tuesday 1st September 2015


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At the Kilmarnock Chess Club you will be guaranteed a warm welcome. Whether you are a budding Magnus Carlsen or just a simple Woodpusher looking to play a few friendly games, you are certain to find new friends at our chess club.
The club meets at the Scout Halls behind Henderson Church in Kilmarnock KA3 7AA on Tuesday evenings .  

The club provides all the equipment necessary; Boards, Sets, Clocks etc.
Car parking is easy and free, check the club venue map for directions.

Members are of all experience and ability levels, ranging from beginners to a local Grandmaster who was a former junior at the club.
Experienced players will often be happy to offer advice and assistance to beginners  who wish to improve their game.   


 Kilmarnock Chess Club

Meets on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm 

Scout Halls, at rear of

Kay Park/Henderson Church

Kilmarnock KA3 7AA

Club Venue Map



John McNicoll 

26 Loanhead Street, 

Kilmarnock East Ayrshire, KA1 3AU
Tel: 01563 525 109


Juniors are welcome. 

Parents: Your child is welcome at the Kilmarnock Chess Club. Chess is not a game but a mental sport; and as such, it has its own Olympiad. The necessary equipment is inexpensive, and the skills it helps develop are invaluable to any child. The world's greatest Grandmasters learned chess in their youths. As a chess player, your child will learn to concentrate, and act less impulsively. As players progress, they must tap into higher level thinking skills: skills which can translate into superior academic performance.- competitions and coaching are available.


So come along and join the won't regret it!